5 Steps to Improve your Business with SEO Practices

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In the digital era, the only way you can survive in the market is to improve your business with SEO practices that can boost your Google ranking.

As we know that we all are badly affected due to the menace of the Chinese Virus also called the Novel Coronavirus. COVID-19 has just disrupted the normal course of businesses. It has now led us all into a serious economic meltdown. In India, the small businesses are apprehensive of closing down, post the long period of lockdown. In such a situation of doldrums, maintaining a strong presence of the business online is not a cakewalk!

With a strong online presence of a business, you can easily beat the blues of lockdown. Nevertheless, the only way to sustain the good presence of a Business is to improve your business with SEO practices that can boost your Google ranking. So, here we shall discuss some exceptional tools to improve your business with SEO practices.


Smart ways to improve your business with SEO practices

Let us discuss the 5 easy steps to improve your business with SEO practices:


#1. Regular Blogging to improve your business with SEO

Any business website without a blog is like a car without fuel! Without a powerful blog section, you will just lose the opportunity to enhance your scope and hike your SEO traffic. Blogging is the most effective way to boost your organic SEO traffic. As a matter of fact, Blogging sites get 97% more and stronger backlinks than those that don’t have a blog.

Blogging is the simplest and most effective way to add keywords to a site organically. No doubt, regularly posting fresh blogs ensures that web indexers will visit your webpage more often. They will be bound to recognise your content and this is what automatically boost your SEO ranking. Moreover, it is the blog where you can get a do-follow link, which easily enhances your site ranking on Google.


#2. Mobile-friendly AMP pages

Google began Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) a short time ago, introducing the mobile versions of your site pages to decide the SEO position.  This is to guarantee the developing number of mobile searchers find what they need advantageously and effectively, as the greater part of all pursuits originate from mobile gadgets. As a matter of fact, people nowadays view web content on the smartphone. Your SEO position largely depends on how effective your AMP (mobile) pages have been made.


#3. Use Free Tools to improve your business with SEO

These days many terrific and trendy free SEO tools are available that suit all kinds of small businesses. Of course, they are budget-friendly. In fact,  the smartest way to improve your business with SEO is to make use of such tools and make your site altogether SEO friendly. Here are some examples of such “Freemium” SEO tools:

  • Google Adwords, for easy and effective search of the trending keywords.
  • Lighthouse is another immensely popular tool these days. It performs a comprehensive site audit of the website and displays result with regard to SEO score, Backlinks, User Interface, Readability and website development.  Additionally, it gives separate results for webpages and mobile pages.
  • Mozbar is another important SEO tool that displays the current Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of any website. Besides, it shows the SEO ranking of your particular webpage.
  • Apart from that, there’s another remarkable tool called Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool accurately shows the loading speed of a particular webpage, which is a key factor behind the SEO performance of that webpage.


#4. Google My Business

We just can’t forget Google My Business! In fact, without this tool, SEO is a myth for you. Google My Business is the easiest way to boost your SEO ranking organically. If your website is appearing on Google My Business, it implies that people are searching for your product and services more often. This is what boosts your site’s ranking. Moreover, your users can post positive reviews on your Google My Business account, which is something Google takes into consideration.


#5. Regular sitemap to check SEO growth

If you want your site to perform well as regards SEO, you must create a sitemap of your site on a regular basis. The frequency for creating sitemap depends on the size of the website, i.e. the size of the content on the site. For instance, for a new website, you will require sitemap once in a month, while a larger website may require weekly site mapping.

Basically, site mapping makes the search engine’s work easier. It removes the risk of errors. It is very important for large websites and for those that have lesser external backlinks. No doubt, Sitemaps are simple to create, with a variety of free tools available for the same, such as XML Sitemaps.

So these are some most proven tools and techniques to improve your business with SEO. Evidently, all these SEO tools are quite economical and light on your pocket. Indeed they are result-oriented. Besides, the higher website speed is a key factor behind SEO growth of your site.

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