5 Remarkable Work from Home Platforms for Women Entrepreneurs

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During this stressful period of COVID-19, various Work from Home Platforms for Women Solopreneurs have come up.

Everyone knows that today the world is suffering from the Novel Coronavirus aka COVID-19, which has taken a toll on the health of all businesses. It has impacted in the great economic disruption. In India, the entire business community is apprehensive after a long period of lockdown, since the normal course of business has been disrupted.

In such a situation many ‘Work from Home’ (WFH) opportunities have arisen for the self-employed and the startup aspirants. Today, we’ll discuss some of these cool Work from Home platforms for women entrepreneurs.


#1. Momspresso: Work from Home Content-sharing Platform

Momspresso is a vast content sharing stage for the talented women that enables them to write content, and share their ideas to similar people in over 10 distinct vernacular languages including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and Kannada.


#2. MyMoney: Brand influencing platform for mothers

This is an extraordinary brand marketing platform launched by the developers of the Momspresso. The main objective of this platform is to encourage the promotion of different brands that concern the mothers in general. The products include packaged meals, babycare and skincare products etc. MyMoney uses ‘regular mothers’ who are purchasers of these brands and share or exchange their experiences with their companions, family, and individual mothers on this platform.


#3. OTIPY: Agro-based Work from Home platform

OTIPY is a vast farm to retail (FTR) agro-based platform developed by the women entrepreneurs. It works to fulfil the need of the end purchasers of agro-based products and encourages doorstep delivery of farm-fresh produce. The organization is working with more than 500 accomplice affiliates. For the most part, it is being managed by the women entrepreneurs across Delhi-NCR. OTIPY is now serving above 50,000 shoppers.

As of late, it is planning on onboard over 5,000 new women startup aspirants within Delhi-NCR so as to provide them chances to work from home. Additionally, by joining this social business platform, the women can even earn up to INR 60,000 every month by providing new farm food brands from the ground in their networks.


#4. JobsForHer: Work from Home Job search portal

Jobs For Her is a Bengaluru-based online employment gateway for women. This platform was begun with the intention to assist talented women with starting, restart, or ascend in their professions. Additionally, it offers openings for work extending from full-time, low maintenance, telecommutes. Furthermore, it enables them to independent chances and works with organizations to give returnee entry-level positions.


#5. Qween: A Business-oriented platform for women

Qween is a Mumbai-based platform that empowers women with new opportunities for business and career growth. It is indeed a great platform for those women who are preparing to return to their vocations and rebuild their careers. Qween offers adaptable circumstances for ambitious women along with work from home facilities. It likewise gives training, workshops, classes and access to coaches for the individual and expert turn of events. Qween engages ladies by giving work from home occupations and business.


These are some exceptional work from home platforms specially designed for the women who wish to ascend in their careers and actualize themselves. Besides, women entrepreneurs can look out for more business from home platforms that can enable to earn a fortune overnight during this COVID-19 crisis.

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