How to Start a Graphic Design Agency

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Graphic Designers are trendy nowadays. You don’t necessarily need a degree or certification to set up a graphic design agency. If you have enough talent and knowledge of popular programs such as PhotoShop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and other similar programs, you can start a career out of it.

For starting a career in Graphic Design and setting up your successful graphic design agency, you will need to do some tight homework.

This article will help you step-by-step on how to set up a Graphic Designer agency.


# Estimate Budget

Once you choose to open a graphic design agency, make sure to do your research very well.  

A range of budgets can vary on various factors such as rental of premises, type of computer, equipment or software, staff strength, etc. Also, consider your already available resources before evaluating the budget.

According to WebsiteBuilderExperts, opening your agency can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.


# Choose a location for a graphic design agency

graphic design agency location

Before choosing a location for office, you must consider the following factors:

#1 Your customers are online or offline.

#2 Is the client meeting necessary before starting a project.

#3 Is designing staff presence mandatory in office or not?

#4 Budget

Location can be at high streets or maybe your garage as well. It wholly depends on your clientele, key staff attitude, and budget.

Ideally, before renting any premises, you should have enough money to pay for a renting office for at least three months. Because you never know when the cash inflow starts at the initial stage. 

When renting your space, make sure your paperwork is well prepared. After the formalities, you have done for starting your agency, research about the insurances and other legal paperwork you will need.


# Compter & Equipments

In the Office premises, You also need equipment for the office. Firstly, buy essentials such as desks, chairs and high-quality computers. 

Ideally, the equipped computer should be with a CPU of 4-8 core and Intel Core i3 and higher. If your budget is not high enough, you can always buy used equipment and upgrade it as your income grows. 

An army of Graphic design agency is nothing without their weapons. So choose them wisely.


# Essential Softwares and Tools

Designing software and tools are the most important assets for any graphic design agency. A graphic designing agency must-have essentials Softwares that enhance a designer’s productivity and efficiency to deliver designs as per client expectations.

Some tools which you should not ignore:

  • Illustration – Adobe Illustrator or Clip Studio Paint
  • Photo editing services – Adobe Lightroom or Adobe After Effects
  • Graphics – Adobe Photoshop or InDesign


# Hire a Staff for a graphic design agency

No agency can be successful without a good team. An expert and skillful team of experts plays a vital role in the success of a graphic design agency. 

Before hiring designers for your graphic design agency, you must consider below laid down factors:

  • Past Experience
  • Skill over various graphic designing Softwares
  • Portfolio
  • Creativity Skills


# Choose the services catalog

Decide on who your target market is and how your services can help. Do market research and check what your audience is mostly looking for. Focus on your area of expertise, and as your team grows, expand your offer.  

graphic design agency services catalogSome ideas of services you can offer to businesses:

  • Logos
  • Website Designs
  • Mobile App Designs
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Newsletters Design
  • Social Media Templates
  • Business Cards
  • Labels
  • Booklets


# Build a Website for a graphic design agency

No matter agency has its office premises or not. A graphic design agency must have a website.

So, create a portfolio website. 

A website will make you look even more professional. For creating a website that attracts paying clients, you need a domain and a host.

Steps to Setup a Website

Step 1: Buy a domain from GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Step 2: Buy a hosting server to make your website online. If you want a lightning speed website, then I suggest you, SiteGround for hosting.

Step 3: Install a website theme. The most popular platforms for creating websites are WordPress or Wix. 

You can find a lot of free themes at or hire someone to make your website look great. You can also buy a theme. 

Learn how to build a website yourself

# Online Presence for a graphic design agency

Online presence is the most crucial part of any graphic design agency.

To onboard your graphic design agency. Don’t forget to upload your portfolio on Behance and Dribbble.

Also, create your profile on freelancing platforms to grab more clients. Some popular platforms are Upwork and Fiverr.

Furthermore, we suggest you join various FB groups related to graphic design, which may help you to get more clients with no additional cost.

Pinterest is the best way to do marketing online for any graphic design agency. 

You should post regularly engaging, colorful graphic designs on Pinterest that are eye-catching and contain the specific keywords your target market search for.

Make sure to do in-depth keyword research and to monitor your potential competitors to get an idea of how they bring followers and engagement on their account.


# Start Networking

Consistency is key. Posting every day, following your target clients, and

interacting with them will bring you good results in time!

You can also try pitching your services to people or cold emailing, which means you try to sell them your services by emailing companies or whom you want to work with, about how you can help them.


# Partnerships & Collaboration

Monitoring what your dream clients are interested in can help you improve your services.

You can start by contacting companies or other agencies that specialize in copywriting or administrative tasks, for example. Ask them if they are interested in a referral partnership.

What does this mean? It means that the x company will send over clients to you when they need specific things you do, and you do the same to the company when they need the services that the company offers.


# Do Marketing for a graphic design agency

The market can be quite competitive, so that you will need a branding strategy for your graphic design agency.

Branding is the essence of any business. The business world is getting very competitive as time goes by, and for winning in front of your competitors, you need an excellent Branding Strategy.

Brand Yourself

The strategy of the Brand represents the main point of connection between the Brand and the Client.

Branding is made of a lot of marketing elements that are defined by your message, services you offer, your target clients, and the factors that differentiate you from competitors. 

Core elements of brand strategy 

1. Your target market – Research the market for the latest business trends and adapt it to your brand voice. When you choose your audience, you have to take into consideration the basic demographics of your customers, as well as getting to know what they do in their free time to help you get an idea of their life and how your products and services can benefit them.

2. Your story – You need to develop a story that talks about your brand identity, your offer to the customers, spoken with a unique voice. To attract the customer, find the right words, and make real promises that will captivate the mind of your desired Client and benefit both of you. Don’t forget, customers will be intrigued by a story more than selling in the face approach.

3. Visual identity- The face of your Brand is what stays inside the customer’s mind. The logo, colors, written symbols are all prone to create a strong, memorable brand identity.

How to find clients?

There are many ways, as social media is becoming very popular nowadays everywhere. Still, the primary way to start is by watching your competitor and their clients. This is called MONITORING.

You can do it via Twitter by using “TweetDeck.” You will observe the actions your potential Client does, as well as your competitor, or you can follow different phrases.

Setting Google Alerts, it’s also a good strategy as you can check when there are new posts your potential Client is interested in.

On Facebook, you can use the Native Search feature, which lets you bookmark or save the URL of the term that interests you and wish to keep an eye on.

Of course, there are many ways you can use to generate leads such as using Facebook Ads, Cold Calling, Email Marketing or Designing different offers that catch the eye of your potential customers.

By thinking about the above steps when you create your Brand and try to generate leads, you will become known in a short time all over social media!



Once you are done reading all of this, you must have an idea of how to open your graphic design agency. And everything you need to take into consideration when starting it.

Hope you like our article. We understand executing a business plan, not a one day process. You might need a reference to this article from time to time, so bookmark before it lost in a vast web world.

In case you need an answer to a specific query for the graphic design agency, you may consult our professional.

Good luck!


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