How to Start a Yoga Studio?

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Yoga is becoming popular across the globe. To spread awareness among the people for the significance of Yog for healthy living, the United Nations General Assembly had declared 21st June as International Yoga Day. Literally, the word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit which means to “join or to unite”. Basically, yoga is not an exercise, rather it is a way of life. Indeed, it rejuvenates our senses and heals our mind & body. Besides, it enhances the physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium of the body. 

So, if you are an expert of Yogic exercises, and you are confident enough that you can impart the same to the common folks, then you must set up a Yoga studio in your locality. 

This way, you can accomplish the dual objective of living your passion and serving society by becoming a harbinger of healthy living.


Scope of the Yoga studio

Yoga is the fastest growing industry in the 2020 decade. As a matter of fact, several yoga trainers and also yoga centers have sprouted up across the world. Yoga is an emerging industry to explore with and has many possibilities for young startup enthusiasts. 


Surprising Statistics about Yoga

There is no doubt that Yoga is becoming more and more popular in today’s generation. The statistics reveal that there are over 300 million yoga practitioners throughout the globe.

The people prefer different places to practice yoga viz. yoga studios, yoga retreat centers, ashrams, gymnasiums, and lush green places such as hill stations to reap the benefit of health & well-being.

yog studio popularity

Among these places, the Yoga studios are the most preferable, convenient, and economically feasible destination to learn yoga. That’s why millions of people come to the yoga studios in their localities.

And this is the reason why running a yoga center or yoga studio is a business to count on.

Quick bite

Yoga is a great immunity booster. Experts have said that, practicing regular yog, especially Pranayama can gradually build immunity to fight various viral infections.

In fact, regularly practicing Yoga can also prevent the dreaded coronavirus disease infection that has affected the entire globe. Now, is the time when you can unlock and spread the secret of immunity by giving yoga lessons to the learners.


The Inspiring example of American Yogis….

A recent study has revealed that over 300 million people are practicing yoga daily all over the world. Out of these 36 million are Americans. Among Americans, the most popular reasons for beginning yoga are flexibility and stress relief.

  • From 2012 to 2016 the number of Americans practicing yoga grew by 50%.
  • During 2015, the revenue from the US yoga industry was found to be US$ 9.09 billion.
  • Every one in three Americans has tried yoga at least once.
  • The number of citizens of age 50+ who practice yoga has tripled over the last 4 years.
  • Americans spend $16 billion on yoga classes, clothing, equipment, and accessories each year.
  • There are currently 6,000 yoga studios in the US.
  • From this instance, the Indians can get a lot of inspiration on Yog. India is the birthplace of yoga.
  • Despite that, most Indians are not reaping the benefit of Yoga. No doubt, you can become a herald of wellbeing through Yog. Your dream Yoga Studio can be of great service to mankind.


Preference of the Yoga studio

The below pie-chart will help you know about various places where people love to practice Yoga:-

yoga studio pie-chart

From the above pie-chart, it is evident that Yoga Studio and outdoors are the most preferable destination for practicing Yoga.


Is Yoga Studio business profitable?

Yoga is the fastest growing industry in the 2020 decade. 300 million people practicing yoga in more than 192 countries which strongly substantiate that there is a huge demand for yoga training centers to practice yoga.
The majority of people see yoga as an alternative to a gymnasium, cardio, etc to stay fit.

Hence, no doubt we all will witness a bigger shift of fitness freaks to yoga soon also.


Yoga Studio is a 100% Guarantee for a Profitable Endeavor

Yoga training centers have a key advantage that they can be run successfully not only indoors but outdoors as well.
If you wish to give it a try, you need not do massive spending to set up a Yog studio. You can start conducting yoga sessions at public parks, etc which carries no establishment cost. Doing yoga business outdoors always carries a profit over a marginal amount of expenditure.
In fact, running a Yoga Studio is a great opportunity and has an early moving advantage, besides.


Beat Coronavirus with the power of Real-Yog!

We all know that today the whole world is facing the catastrophe of Coronavirus disease, which is also called COVID-19. The total number of deaths due to COVID-19 infection all over the world have now reached an alarming rate. Many countries are now facing complete deadlock due to the severity of the disease. COVID-19 infection can spread rapidly if proper measures are not taken timely. However, this severe disease can be prevented by practicing Yog and Pranayam, as Pranayam boosts immunity. 

Moreover, during this time of lockdown, it is the best idea to impart online yoga classes to the people. This way you can unlock & spread the secret of healthy living by teaching online yoga.


How to start a yoga studio in simple steps?

To begin with the idea of a Yoga Studio, you need to have an action plan. Here are the essential steps to begin your Yoga center, that you must follow:-

  1. Select Location 
  2. Setup Interior
  3. Legal Certifications & Licenses
  4. Investment
  5. Create a Domain (brand) name
  6. Revenue Sources
  7. Design exercise for beginners & pro

We shall now discuss these 6 steps in detail.


1. Select Location

Location plays a significant role in setting up a successful yoga studio. Here are 2 important things you must not forget:- 

  • Yoga is a meditation exercise that essentially requires a peaceful environment to practice yoga.
  • Yoga can be practiced indoors as well as outdoors.

Studio or Outdoors?

There are many people who consider outdoors as the ideal way to practice yoga. This is because the person will be exposed to fresh air which will directly benefit the mind and body. Beginning an outdoor Yoga club will require no expense at all.

Otherwise, the indoor Yoga studio is a more convenient option for you if you want to give it a professional touch. The most interesting part is that in the case of an indoor Yoga studio, you can easily develop popularity and fame among your neighbors.


2. Setting up the interior

It is very important to note that a Yoga Studio can be situated in a tidy and hygienic place. It must be a place as described below:-

  1.   Soundproof
  2.   There must be an ample source of natural sunlight.
  3.   The yoga place is neat and clean. No furniture is required.
  4.   Do not paint the walls with bright color in place of sober color.
  5.   Keep indoor plants in the Yoga studio, it is a source of fresh air.


3. Legal Certifications & Licenses for Yoga Studio

Although there is no rigid law stating mandatory certification for a Yoga learning center, a valid certificate or a supportive testimonial creates a brand value of a yoga studio.

Before setting up the Yoga Studio, we suggest you look for local laws that may require any permit or license to operate a yoga studio.


4. Investment

Although you need not overspend to begin a yoga center. The Budgeting has to be done with regard to the following aspects of a Yoga studio, such as:-

  1.  Rent & Security Deposit for Yoga studio premises.
  2.  Furniture, yoga mats and uniform.
  3.  Developing a website
  4.  Printing Visiting cards and brochures.
  5.  Marketing & Promotions.

5. Create a Brand Name

A catchy and unique brand name can play a vital role in attracting more members.

Here are the quick tips to create and opt a perfect brand name for the yoga studio:-

  • Firstly, you must choose a theme for Yoga.
  • Design an attractive and professional logo.
  • Promote brand name on social media such as Fb, Instagram, YouTube, etc
  • Participate in national and international level Yoga events.
  • Additionally, you may create Yoga video-blogs (vlogs) for maintaining an online presence.

As your brand name gets popular among communities, you will get more members for the yoga studio.


6. Revenue Source for Yoga Studio

Indeed, there are multiple ways to earn while operating a yoga studio. Some major and popular source of revenue are:

  • Charge Membership Fees for classes & workshops.
  • Sell yoga costumes, equipment, and accessories.
  • Sell Meditation books and novels.


  • As a matter of fact, Americans spend around $16 billion on buying yoga costumes, gear & accessories every year.

  • For instance, the market value of a leading yoga clothing brand, Lululemon, was $929 million during 2018, which gradually grew by 18% in the next year.


7. Design exercise for beginners & pro

Obviously, your Yoga curriculum must include all the key exercises for the learners. Here are a few basic yoga asanas that must be in your curriculum:-  

  •       Siddhasana
  •       Padmasana
  •       Bhadrasana
  •       Muktasana
  •       Vajrasana
  •       Swastikasana
  •       Simhasana
  •       Gomukhasana

important yog-asanas

Quick bites:

  • Around 20% of yogis want to try laughter yoga.
  • Yoga carries a lower risk of injuries compared to other physical activities.


Surya Namaskar

Undoubtedly, Surya Namashkar is the most fundamental asana of Yoga. In fact, this is the primary yogasanas, so your day at the Yoga Studio must begin with the Surya Namaskar. Besides, it is the ideal exercise for all those who are beginners at Yog.

Here are the 12 easy steps to complete one Surya Namaskar:-

  1. Firstly, Pranamasana
  2. Hasta Uttanasana
  3. Hasta Padasana
  4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana
  5. Dandasana
  6. Sashtang Dandvatt Namaskara
  7. Bhujangasana
  8. Parvatasana
  9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana again
  10. Hasta Padasana again
  11. Hasta Uttanasana again
  12. Finally Pranama asana
  • In fact, Surya Namaskar must be repeated 12 times. As a matter of fact, doing one round of Surya Namaskar helps you burn approx 13.90 calories.
  • So, what could be better if you can do 288 (12x12x2) asanas in just 20-22 minutes and burn above 167 calories in a day! 
  • Thus, the best way to tune up your learners is that you must start with 3 rounds, thereafter increase up to 7, and then to 12.


5 Must Pranayama exercises at Yoga Studio to beat COVID-19

Now that the world is suffering due to the coronavirus threat, you have an opportunity to teach people the best remedy to avoid infection, i.e pranayama. Just have a look at the 5 best Pranayama exercises that you must include in your curriculum:

  1. Bhastrika 
  2. Kapalbhati
  3. Anulom-vilom
  4. Bhramari 
  5. Ujjai 

yoga exercises for breathing


To conclude, it’s now time to set off the spark and begin your yoga classes right now with all the important tips at your side!


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