7 Coolest Low-investment Business Ideas You can Count On!

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There’s no doubt that everyone is thinking about new Business Ideas when the country is coming back to the normal pace after a long period of lockdown. However, the COVID-19 lockdown has badly affected the startups and has left the businessmen in a dilemma. Mostly the entrepreneurs are apprehensive about closing down as many businesses have already come to a halt. 

If you are worried about your lost sales and the strong customer base falling apart like a house of cards, it’s time for you to find out some new ways to reconnect with your customers so as to offer them the real value. 

In fact, this is how you can come back to your earlier situation post the lockdown. Now, it’s worth knowing which path to choose, when the funds are low and the risks are high.

So, here are some cool business ideas that require minimal investment and outlay and can eventually win you a great fortune!


#1. Relocation Business Ideas

The relocation business in India has seen a boost in the previous decade. With the individuals changing propensities and their longing for a definitive ‘hunger for new opportunities. now is the ideal opportunity for hopeful business visionaries to invest their funds in the relocation business.

The most practical measure to open up a locally situated travel organization is by tying up with a host-office. Thus, you will get the advantages of pace (helping you get your ARC, CLIA, or IATA number quicker), comfort (they play out all the ‘back-end capacities’), and assist you with winning higher commissions and minimizing your expenses. While the rates vary as indicated by the host organizations, your primary starting costs will fall inside INR 10,000.

Based on the financial standing, one can choose what services to offer- whether just packing and moving or complete move assistance.


#2. Mobile recharge 

Indeed, during the lockdown, people have been longing for more social contact. When there has been a widespread call for social distancing, there has been an equal desire among the people to connect with each other through mobile phones. In India, most wealthy customers favour visiting a recharge shop for mobile recharge.

So those hoping to start this business can begin by leasing a small space in a little kiosk in a posh locality. The rent will be on a month to month basis. You likewise need to build ties with the service providers of the region, for example, Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone, Idea and so on., and pen down their bonus rates, where they will get a cut of your benefits from the offer of the products taken from them.

Expecting that you aren’t hoping to lease a shop-space in any costly land property, your general costs will highlight underneath the INR. 10,000 to 15,000 scale. Moreover, this is a business that can be begun even at a home. You only need a strong link with a service provider and a device for mobile recharge.


#3. Digital Marketing 

Conventional marketing and other customary advertising ideas are a thing of the past. In this advanced era, digital marketing is a thing with which you can assist the organizations with connecting with their objective clients through online channels and gain cash. In the event that you manufacture an OK customer base now, you can begin with your own advanced promoting arrangement post the lockdown. In fact, this is the coolest business idea that can give you an instant hit. 


#4. Freelance Business Ideas

There is an immense interest in outsourcing assignments identified with interpretation, content writing, HTML coding, realistic structuring, web designing and so forth. One can join sites like ‘Upwork’ and Freelancer to get outsourcing ventures according to your aptitude. Fabricate a decent link with customers online, and you can proceed with this private venture slowly and steadily. Digital marketing is another service which one can deliver as a freelancer. Also know-

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#5. Online Teaching Platforms

Education is another field that has been affected due to lockdown. Students are worried about their future after the lockdown. Mostly, the schools are preferring online teaching modes. Still, the students are seeking educational help online for clarity in their concepts. If you’re confident enough, you must contact an expanding number of students who are battling to proceed with their examinations during and after the lockdown. You can associate with them through online courses and video conferencing to clarify various doubts viably. 


#6. Tailoring 

In booming metros like Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi, the demand for good tailors has always expanded ten times because of the expanding ubiquity of independent plans. Other than a little leased space, you just need to put resources into amazing sewing and sewing machines, and of course! electricity.

Moreover, during this lockdown period, there has been a demand for protective face masks. We all know about the rising scale of production of homemade face masks. So, you can truly take advantage of this golden opportunity and start sewing such masks on a big scale. This way, you will serve the society and will be able to grow your business eventually! 


#7. YouTube Business Ideas

YouTube is a hotspot for imaginative talent dynamos searching for extraordinary things and comes back with minimal money related ventures. Besides, it permits its clients to make autonomous channels and transfer their recordings for nothing. Truth be told, it even pays some YouTubers whose channels are famous. 

There is a tremendous spike in the number of people watching recordings web-based during the lockdown. The stage is set, so why not capitalize on it! Regardless of whether you are into food, inside structuring, cultivating, moving or workmanship and artworks, make proficient quality recordings to get supporters on YouTube.

A YouTube advertising platform thought can turn into your reliable source income later on. What do you need to become a YouTuber? Just a Wi-Fi connection and a YouTube channel of your own!

So, these are some of the coolest low investment businesses that can make you your own boss!


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