Top 5 Food Festivals in India

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Food festivals become famous in every part of India. Lots of unique food stalls and food trucks actively participate and get overwhelming footfalls. To participate in food festivals in India, you need to become members of such food festivals programs.

We will unveil 5 most visited food festivals in India and how to participate in them.

Why food outlets participate in Food Festivals in India?

As kids, we all have been to various fares and carnivals. The most significant attraction of such places is the street food available there, which lingers on our taste buds even today.

Now, if you are running a small food outlet such as a food stall or a food truck, it can be truly a drool-worthy idea to take part in a vibrant food fest.

Although such food fests were not so common about 5 years back or so, they are now becoming part of the modern urban lifestyle. Moreover, if you are running a localized food business such as a stall or a food truck, food festival participation can be a goldmine for you.

The main advantage of participating in a food festival is that you will be able to reach out to a vast community, which will definitely increase footfall at your stall.

And mind it….. if your customers are pleased with your delicious food, they’ll surely be recommending it to others.

And yes, participation in food festival is the easiest way to get your food outlet famous.

Which are the famous Food Festivals in India?

We have personally visited various food festivals in India, and we have listed out 5 most popular food fests as follows:

  • FSSAI National Eat Right Mela
  • National Street Food Festival
  • Great Indian Food Festival
  • Horn OK Please Food Festival
  • The Grub Fest

#1. FSSAI National Eat Right Mela

eat-right-mela-food festival in india

FSSAI has organized the National Eat Right Mela recently in 2018, as part of its Eat Right India Movement. The key objective of this movement is to create awareness in the industry for food safety & hygiene.

The National Eat Right Mela is organized by FSSAI in collaboration with the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI).

The main motive behind this festival is a massive outreach to impart awareness on food safety and healthy diet in an interactive and informative manner. This Mela is organized in 40 cities, some of which are state capitals while others are Tier-I cities. One of the key issues emphasized at Eat Right Mela is the significance of FSSAI registration in ensuring Food safety.

Some key features of Eat Right Mela:

The key attractions of this festival are:-

  • Regional Food (State specialties)
  • Religious foods (Prasad)
  • Street Foods
  • Organic Food Bazaar
  • Orientation camps on food & health safety

How to participate?

In order to take part in the National Eat Right Mela, you need to be a member of an organization that has NASVI membership.

Hence, you first need to become a member of an association that has at least has NASVI membership, as to participate in this food festival.

How much is the fee for NASVI membership?

As a member of NASVI affiliated organization, you need to pay a nominal annual fee of just ₹1/-.

NASVI management committee will intimate you about the date & venue of the upcoming National Eat Right Mela and will allot you the place for your stall.

Some Vendor Associations having NASVI membership

Here is a list of some prominent street food vendors organizations that have NASVI membership.

  • Azad Hawker’s Union
  • Shaheed Bhagat Singh Hawker’s Union
  • Bombay Hawker’s Union
  • All Assam Street Vendors Association
  • Jai Hind Calcutta Hawker’s Union
  • Hawker Sangram Committee

You can easily become a member of these associations in order to take part in Eat Right Mela.

#2. National Street Food Festival

street-food-fest-food festival in india

National Street Food Festival is another popular food fest organized by National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI). Numerous food vendors from various parts of the country gather every year at one platform to serve tempting street food items during this event.

Through this food-fest, NASVI has supported the cause of street food vendors and has cleared the stereotype view regarding street food being unhealthy and unhygienic.

Some key features of the National Street Food Festival:

The key attractions of this food festival are:-

  • Regional Food from the various State of India.
  • Street Foods such as Golgappas, Vada-pavs, bhelpuri, aloo-tikki, Chaat, etc.

Over 500 best street food hawkers from various States of the country come to Delhi to put up their stalls. Thousands of foodies and tourists flock to these stalls to relish the vibrant Indian delicacies.

How to participate?

For participating in the National Street Food Festival, you need to be a member of an association that has NASVI membership and has at least 50 members.

Once you are a member of such organization, NASVI management will intimate you about the date & venue of the upcoming National Street Food Festival and will also allot you the place for your stall.

#3. Great Indian Food Festival

great-indian-food-fest-food festival in india

If you are one of those unique food entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about bringing the best out of the prevalent street food varieties, you must not miss the Great Indian Food Festival!

It brings innovative street food variants from various parts of India.

Well-known vendors with years and years of expertise in their field come up with their unique palates. Here one can find various street foods that he has always heard of but in a unique way.

Being a part of this event is mind-blowing experience in itself. If you have your own unique theme, you can present the same to a huge gathering.

How to participate?

In order to put up your stall at the Great Indian Food Festival, you need to call at the given contact no. and book your stall well in advance:

  • 9899-65-7175
  • 9654-444-245

You can also drop a mail at [email protected]

#4. Horn OK Please Fest

horn-ok-please-food festival in india

This is indeed one of the happiest and enthusiastic food festivals of India. This 3-day long food-fest offers all the yummilicious delicacies from all regions of Delhi. There are over 150+ restaurants, food-trucks & food-carts that bring the best dishes from across the metro for all the food-loving Dilliwalas.

Along with that, there are awesome & enthralling music events at this vibrant food fest, thronged by thousands of people.

So, if you are running a restaurant at a posh location of Delhi NCR, you must not miss an opportunity to be a part of this event.

Main attractions:

Truly, this is food heaven! But wait…… it has much more to offer than just food:

  • Lovely Kebabs, Juicy chickens & BBQs and other such Indian delicacies.
  • Desserts like Waffles, Shakes, Ice-creams, Ice-creams Shakes and what not!
  • Chinese food like Momos & Manchurians
  • Bout of drinks!
  • Live performances and music concerts by celeb artists and rockstars.
  • Sports like Trampolines, Skateboarding, Bull Riding, Mini Bungees and Segways

How to participate?

All you need to do is visit the website of HornOKPlease, and fill the Vendor Application Form.

Else you can also drop them a mail on the given ID: [email protected]

#5. The Grub Fest

grub-fest-food festival in india

If you have a secret mother’s recipe that you usually serve at your restaurant, The Grub Fest is a great platform for you. This India’s rarest food festivals where famous restaurants serve their signature delicacies to a large crowd at one place. A large number of people are wooed with these aromas, and they try out the rarest cuisines up to their heart’s content. Apart from that, India’s most talented chefs come here to unveil their best-kept food secrets.

Last year, The grub Fest had 75000 visitors and 150 exhibitors.

Main attractions:

Here are some of the key attractions of this fest:

  • Delectable authentic Indian as well as exotic cuisines at one stop.
  • Mouth-watering desserts
  • Light music and heart-rending performances
  • Chef Demos
  • Fun contests
  • Kids’ Zone
  • Movie Screenings and much more!

How to participate?

As to participate in this event, you need to follow The Grub Fest on Twitter & Instagram, and like their FB page.

Besides, they’ll provide you updates regarding the upcoming event, venue, vendor application and fares on social media.

Undoubtedly, any doubt that food fests can be a lucrative destination for your food business. The main advantage of taking part in such food festivals that you can easily access a large moving crowd. Moreover, such food fests can fetch you a great business opportunity if your food is really delicious.

However, you must be well prepared and ready with an FSSAI Registration as well as the GST registration certificate in order to participate in any food festival.



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