Unique Ideas on Business from Home during Lockdown

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In these days of lockdown, one of the most viable options is to do Business from Home.

As we all realize that our entire human race is currently struggling between with 2 critical adversities. One of them is the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus disease, also called COVID-19, while the other is the resulting economic recession which will have an adverse impact on everyone’s life. Having its presence in all parts of the world and leaving a large number of casualties worldwide, the Coronavirus epidemic has now posed a severe challenge to economies. In the present day, when people are financially quite insecure, it’s worth knowing what are the different ways people can start Business from Home.

Here we shall discuss some of the most lucrative ideas for Business from Home which can be initiated with very less outlay.


1. Supplying Face masks

Two things which are quite common during the Novel Coronavirus infection are — surgical face mask and hand sanitizers. These days there has been a great demand for the surgical face masks, and people from all sections of the society are actively involved in fulfilling the need for the face masks. You can easily make such masks at home and supply them to various medical stores and retail outlets. Moreover, the government is giving a great push to the suppliers of face masks, through Government e-Marketplace. The Suppliers can easily get a GeM registration and supply such masks to various Government buyers on Government e-Marketplace.


2. Homemade Sanitizers

Many experts suggest Alcohol-based hand sanitizers ward off COVID-19 risk. But few know about the adverse impacts of such harsh chemicals on skin and body. Many sanitizers available in the market are found to be comprised of the toxic alcohol methanol. This can put adverse effects like nausea, headache when liberally applied on the skin. Moreover, if the vapour is inhaled excessively it may even cause such as blindness, seizures, or damage to the nervous system. In such a situation, homemade hand sanitizers are a safe solution. You can formulate such hand sanitizers using easily available ingredients like aloe vera, neem leaves turmeric etc. along with spirit or disinfectant gel. You can supply such mild hand sanitizers and do a fabulous business from Home.


3. PPE Kit Business from Home

Another major scope of business is of supplying Personal Protective Equipment or also known as PPE kit. These are full-fledged equipment worn to prevent the spreading COVID-19. The PPE kit generally consists of Coveralls,  face masks, goggles and surgical gloves. These kits are generally disposable and nonwoven. You can easily find the material for PPE kits and can create them on a big scale. As a matter of fact, India has recently made a world record production of PPE kit. Today, India is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of PPE kits. This owes to the great number of home-based entrepreneurs making and supplying PPE kit.


4.  Making Corona Faceshield

WHO has suggested that homemade face masks, face shields masks and face shields can play an important role in preventing the coronavirus infection. It’s quite simple to make such protective Faceshields at home. In order to make such face shield you need some sheets of acetate, Mylar, PETm polycarbonate, or any kind of clear plastic film and Elastic with normal width. You can easily procure these goods from anywhere, and make protective face shields at home, and supply them in bulk.


5. Immunity boosters Business from Home

No doubt, there is much time for getting a proven remedy or a vaccine to eradicate the COVID-19 disease. Nevertheless, the people are relentlessly searching for the immunity boosters or tonics in order to prevent the risk of coronavirus. There are many indigenous herbs, spices and condiments that you can find in your locale. If you know are expert of naturopathy or even homoeopathy, you can easily formulate an immunity tonic. You can easily find buyers for your product since such DIY immunity boosters don’t have any adverse effect.


So these are some of the easy to work Business from Home ideas, that can win your instant fortune as well as recognition. You can also find some more business ideas that require very low investment.

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