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Every website must be hosted online to make available for all 24 X 7. However, not every site is hosted in the same manner.

If you are beginning a new site for the very first time, it is reasonable to get any queries regarding what web hosting is and the way it functions. 

You need to know about different kinds of web hosting, so it’s possible to find out which choice is the very best for your site.

Do not rush through this procedure. Choosing the wrong web hosting kind can cause enormous problems for your website in the future.

Regardless of your situation, this guide will help you with the right kind of hosting server you need for your website.


1. Shared hosting server

Shared hosting is just what it resembles. Using shared storage with others. Your website is on precisely in the same server, along with others a lot of different sites.

The most considerable benefit of shared hosting is an economical cost for website hosting. 

If the hosting provider can place several hundred or even thousand clients all on a single server, it lets them disperse the working cost among several parties. That is why shared hosting would be the most economical. Perfect for individuals with a limited budget and people just beginning.

Sharing the host with several parties, however, can also be the largest downside of the arrangement.

Considering that all sites on a shared server set a requirement on the host’s resources, it is possible to encounter issues if these will be hogging all of the processing power via increased visitors or faulty signal.

This kind of hosting is best for websites which receive very little traffic, and don’t have to care about user experience sometimes.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Flexible 


  • Shared Server
  • Less security
  • Slow speed


2. VPS hosting server

A VPS hosting plan is the most enormous middle ground between a shared server and a dedicated website hosting. 

It’s perfect for website owners that need more control, but don’t necessarily require a dedicated server.

VPS hosting is exceptional because each site is hosted within its own area on the server, even though it still shares a physical server with other customers. 

In VPS hosting, you will get a personal slot, or you can say, part of the hosting server. Your files and documents shall not be shared with others. You can utilize available resources as you want without any restrictions.

While VPS hosting provides website owners with more customization and storage area, they are still unable to handle exceptionally high traffic levels or spikes in usage since they have allowed a fixed amount of resources.

Usually, VPS hosting can be employed by website owners that need to be dedicated to hosting but do not possess the technical knowledge required. 

VPS hosting offers the price benefits of shared hosting together with the control of dedicated hosting. An excellent choice for advanced users and the ones that want special software and package installations.


  • Economical cost as compared to the dedicated server
  • Good website speed 
  • High security


  • Fixed bandwidth and space
  • May crash server on unexpected high traffic due to unflexible resources.


3. Dedicated hosting server

Dedicated hosting provides website owners that complete control over the hosting server for their website is running on. 

That’s because you totally lease the server, and your website is the only one stored on it.

Dedicated servers usually mean you have complete admin and root access, which means that you can control everything from safety to the working system in which you operate.

But all that control has a cost.

Usually, these kinds of hosting are best for a website with high traffic or carrying sensitive data, and who need more control over their website’s servers.

Additionally, a high degree of technical experience is necessary for the installation and ongoing control of their host.

Dedicated hosting is ideal for enterprise-level websites. These hosting can handle a high level of traffic without any problem.


  • Good website speed 
  • Highest security
  • Full control


  • Costly
  • Fixed bandwidth and space


4. Cloud hosting server

Cloud hosting would be the current buzzword of the tech market. 

About hosting, it signifies lots of computers are working together, running programs employing joint computing tools. It is a hosting solution that operates via a system and enables businesses to absorb the computing source, such as a utility.

Cloud hosting permits users to use as many tools as they require, without needing to construct a dedicated computing infrastructure. 

The tools required for a website and spread across several servers. And this reduces the room for any downtime because of a server error.

Cloud-based hosting is more scalable, which means that the website is upgraded at any time, using as many tools required, and the website owner only needs to pay for the tool he needs.

Cloud hosting is the ideal alternative for medium and large company sites, which are increasing at a quick speed.

If your site visitors are unpredictable and you are likely on it scaling at a steady speed from the coming months or even years, then you ought to think about a cloud hosting strategy.


  • Good website speed 
  • Economical cost
  • Scalable with no efforts 


  • Security (as this is also shared with others)


5. Colocation hosting server

This is a kind of dedicated server. Rather than keeping servers at a personal data center, you might decide to “co-locate” your equipment by merely renting space in a colocation center. This hosting will provide the IP address, bandwidth, and other tools for the server needs.

Colocation provides access to high levels of bandwidth compared to a standard office room server at a far lower price.

Colocation can be significantly more costly than other kinds of internet hosting, especially when you factor in the investment in hardware. We see that the price can often fluctuate since it’s usually linked with the number of information traffic. 

If you’d like a straightforward blog or a comparatively small site, then colocation isn’t worth the hassle. Colocation is suitable for any person or company who does not have the knowledge to prepare and take care of the server.

On the flip side, it’s a fantastic alternative for small to midsize companies who wish a massive web presence but do not wish to take care of the annoyance of a typical hosting company.


  • Good website speed 
  • No technical expert requires
  • Security


  • Costly


6. Reseller hosting server

If you are building a small site from scratch or simply looking to host a web site by yourself, then this won’t be the ideal alternative for you.

But should you would like to sell hosting to other websites; then you need to start looking into reseller hosting programs.

Reseller hosting is essentially white label hosting. You purchase hosting from a supplier then resell the services to your customers.

As a freelancer, you get to select the pricing options for the clients. As you’re going to be paying wholesale prices to the supplier, then you’ve got the chance to produce significant profit margins.

These are for individuals who have customers in this area so that they can add web hosting into the services they offer.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Flexible 


  • Shared Server
  • Less security
  • Slow speed

As soon as you’ve decided which kind of hosting is ideal for your requirements, you should begin looking into what extra services you actually need to speed your website. Since website speed matters the most.

There are a variety of choices, but it is unlikely you will need everything, particularly in the beginning.

If you are a newcomer, we recommend buying a website hosting server from site ground which provides you a 24 X 7 support. 

Selecting a hosting program can be challenging, particularly once you begin looking at each of the extra services available. The very first step is deciding on the kind of hosting you need, namely those we have covered in this guide, which we expect has made your choice easier.


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